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Unveiling the Journey of Dean Parrish’s ‘I’m on My Way’

"I'm on My Way" is a captivating song and single that showcases the incredible talent of Dean Parrish, an American soul singer.

Northern Soul Dancer

“I’m on My Way” is a captivating song and single that showcases the incredible talent of Dean Parrish, an American soul singer. Penned by the brilliant duo Doug Morris and Eliot Greenberg, this remarkable piece of music was initially released in the United States in 1967 but unfortunately failed to make an impact on the charts. However, its fate took an exciting turn when it reached the shores of the United Kingdom in 1975, where it found a newfound popularity within the vibrant Northern soul scene.

The journey of “I’m on My Way” towards chart success is quite fascinating. After its release on the Laurie label in the US, fate intervened when Russ Winstanley, a renowned disc jockey at the iconic Wigan Casino, discovered the record. Recognising its potential, Winstanley began spinning the song at the venue, instantly captivating the souls of the energetic crowd. The infectious rhythm and soulful melodies resonated deeply with the audience, making “I’m on My Way” one of the most sought-after records at the Wigan Casino.

In a stroke of serendipity, “I’m on My Way” was re-released in 1975, this time under the UK Records label. This decision marked a significant turning point for the song, as it soared up the charts, peaking at an impressive number 38 on the esteemed UK Singles Chart in February 1975. Such an achievement cemented its place in music history, and it became synonymous with the Wigan Casino, serving as the closing track of their unforgettable nights.

The impact of “I’m on My Way” extended beyond its initial success, thanks to the efforts of Casino Classics, a spin-off record label from Wigan Casino. In 1978, the label re-released the song on the Three Before Eight EP, followed by its inclusion on the prestigious Casino Classics: Chapter One compilation in 1979. These releases ensured that the song remained an ever-present force within the Northern soul genre.

Tragically, all good things must come to an end, and such was the fate of the legendary Wigan Casino. In 1981, this iconic venue closed its doors forever, leaving behind a rich legacy. Fittingly, “I’m on My Way” was the last song ever played within its hallowed walls, symbolising the end of an era and the enduring spirit of Northern soul.

It’s worth noting that Dean Parrish, the soulful voice behind “I’m on My Way,” remained blissfully unaware of the song’s unexpected revival. After his career in the 1960s, Parrish had retired from performing, making the song’s resurgence all the more extraordinary.

Today, “I’m on My Way” continues to shine brightly, with its presence felt on numerous Northern soul compilation albums. It has earned its rightful place as one of the genre’s most beloved and cherished songs, forever etched in the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.